Advanced Tactical Rifle – $175

This one day course will take your rifle fighting skills beyond what some would imagine. Students will learn how to hit with perfect fundamentals as well as when the fundamentals are not available, where you must improvise some form of point shooting.

This class is not for beginners and students must be well experienced in the basic and intermediate combat rifle skill set, as well as being in reasonable physical condition. Students will be physically and mentally fatigued, with red hot rifle barrels. The class requires a lot of movement and operating as a team. Shooting will range from close range to mid-ranges and the class will culminate with the opportunity to challenge your skills against the SDE Rifle Master’s Test.

  • Close quarters battle maneuvers
  • Shooting as you sprint “off the X”
  • Shooting head shots at speed
  • Stopping multiple threats
  • Proactive and reactive fighting exercises
  • Aimed shooting vs improvised shooting
  • Recovering superiority when the initiative is lost
  • Strong side and support side shooting
  • Firing from various field positions and from cover


Apr 28th – 9:00am – 5:30pm

Students need a tactical rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition (no steel core ammunition); sling (single-point highly recommended); minimum of three magazines, belt-mounted magazine holster(s) or pouch(s); cleaning kit with lubricant; electronic ear protection & eye protection. Students must have taken Intermediate Tactical Rifle Class or equivalent training before taking this class. This is not a NRA certified class.


You must register at least 5 days in advance of class.  If less than four people pre-register the class will be cancelled and deposits refunded.  Last minute registrations taken if four people have pre-registered.

You may call 281-645-6290 to register and pay if you do not want to submit an online registration.  Be sure to supply telephone number where you can be contacted during the day if you leave a message.

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